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Hello and welcome to my blog ‘A Home Heartfelt’, my name is Lyndal.

LKI am a Mum of three happy and very busy young children, living with my husband Mark on Sydney’s glorious Northern Beaches. I am passionate about making homes beautiful, warm and happy – places where life-long memories are made, delicious food is created and laughter is shared.

This year marks the beginning of an exciting and mildly daunting chapter in our little family’s life as we embark on building a new home from the ground up. At the peak of a meandering bush lined road, with pristine Pittwater on one side and the ever-changing ocean on the other, we will begin to construct, what will become, our very own ‘Cove House’.

Thank you for joining me as we begin our journey. In this space, through words and imagery, I will record the build process itself, while also exploring the joys and challenges that arise when undertaking a project such as this with a young family.

It will be a pleasure to bring you my other interests and loves as well – creating food that nourishes and inspires, becoming and being a Mum, family travel and our life on the beaches, where we draw daily inspiration from the people and our magnificent surrounds.



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